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Zero to one hundred English studies

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If you are also looking to get a high percentage in English, in this article we have tried to tell you about zero studies of this course for you, dear volunteers.
If we want to divide the entrance exam candidates in the English language section, we can consider the following two categories:

The first group are students who, relying on their strong language, pass a high percentage of English in the entrance exam.
And the second group are students whose language is average and they spend less time on English for the entrance exam.
Comparing this course with Arabic, which are both general courses in the entrance exam, we realize that the Arabic course is a completely regular course. Which can not be easily corrected without considering the rules. But in the English language course of the entrance exam, the subject is completely different.

Two Possible Mistakes About Studying English
The first mistake is made by people who have a high level of English and have strengthened their language in English language classes and sometimes have unwarranted pride and do not pay as much attention to this lesson as they should. This group of volunteers must maintain this strength and not be satisfied with less than 90%

The second mistake is made by the candidates who think that the English language of the entrance exam is very difficult and we will not get any results in it, or they say that we did not have a good English language from the beginning, I have to tell such people the language if Read correctly and with principles, you will surely get results in it.

So put aside these destructive thoughts that lower your mood and start studying English with a double spirit. In this article, we provide you, dear concours, with the basic and correct methods of reading the English language course of the entrance exam. To have a high percentage of English language in their entrance exam transcript. So join us

How to study and test English

In this article, we provide you with the methods of how to study and test the English language of the entrance exam. It should be noted that the English language of the entrance exam has different sections, and to study each of them, a method of properties should be used. The English language parts of the entrance exam that you should focus on and learn how to read their principles include: vocabulary, grammar, close test, reading, each of which we will examine.

Part One
Vocabulary: Not only the words at the end of each lesson are enough to read the words, but you must also remember the meaning of the words in the exercises. To learn anything, there must be constant repetition to keep in mind that the English words of the entrance exam also need to be constantly reviewed.

You can memorize words with synonyms or antonyms, which will increase your learning.
You can also read the words along with the example to stay in your mind longer. Categorize the words in each lesson as difficult and difficult and put the difficult words in a place that your eyes will encounter at any moment. And keep reviewing it.
You can browse the hard words every day before bedtime between breaks, you will see that the hardest words in a week have become easy and fluent for you. In this work, perseverance plays the first role. The best proven method and recommendation for the top ranks of the entrance exam is to use the Leitner box. You do not have to memorize a large number of words every day, depending on your learning power you can learn 15 to 20 words a day and review it the next day (do not neglect to review, but the review stabilizes these words in the mind You will be)

Part II
Grammar: The grammar section has a separate question in its entrance exam and is also used in the close test sections. The best source for reading grammar is the textbook. If you learn grammar well and do the exercises related to it in the textbook, you can easily master this part well enough. Write down the grammar for each lesson in a notebook. This will allow you to review the grammar in no time.

third part
Close test: Close test is the part of the questions that you are faced with a vacancy and four correct options. And you have to choose the right answer for it. You need meaning for this part, to prepare for this part, you must strengthen the meaning of your words and solve a test close to the last few years of the entrance exam every night. By doing this, you will become familiar with the questions and their style, and the meanings with which you were unfamiliar. Keep notes of what you learned from the process, and ask for it in your notebook.

And the last part
Reading: The last part of the English language entrance exam questions in the booklet is the reading section, which most of the candidates have the stress of lack of time for this section. In this section, you are faced with two texts with 8 questions. In this section, the meaning is not as good as in the other sections. In this section, technique plays the first role. Do not miss these 8 important tests in the short time remaining. The techniques of this section are: skimming and scanning

Skimming: In this section, you first read the text quickly and get an overview of it. If you did not know the meaning of some words, do not worry at all. In this section, on average, there are 11 words with new meanings every year that you should not be like them and just try to get a general meaning and subject of the text. After that you will read a round of questions, and underline the important and key words. Keywords are usually times, dates, days, names. Only read the questions once because you do not have much time and you should make the most of the remaining time.
Scanning: This section is the final part of your work. In this section, you read the text carefully and in detail and find the keywords in the questions in the text or find synonyms with it and underline them. This way you can answer the questions in the remaining time

daily schedule
Each of the candidates, according to the conditions and the period that you have until the entrance exam, must establish a program appropriate to these conditions.

The suggestion of the top ranks of the previous years, who were able to beat the language much higher than the average or one hundred percent, is about planning for this lesson. Reading this book every day. He kept reviewing it. We suggest that if you have 7 or 7 hours to study English for the entrance exam, and spread these seven hours throughout the week and set aside 1 hour a day for that time. This will allow you to review what you have learned every day. You can also divide this hour into 3 parts of 20 minutes. This method is suitable for both entrance exams and people who want to learn English is very practical. The best way to schedule memorization is early in the morning, late at night, one day later, one week later, two weeks later. This will certainly not leave any words out of your mind after two weeks of browsing.

Budgeting and reviewing English language entrance exam questions
Language budgeting is as follows:

The grammar section has 4 tests.
The vocabulary section has 8 tests that consist of simple, medium, and difficult.
The close section of the test consists of 5 tests.
And the last part of the reading section has 8 questions

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