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I always thought that being a mother is a dream and I wake up on the day of delivery

With an objective emotion that will taste like a mother these days and will enter a new phase of her life; We had a short chat.
At the beginning of his speech, Eini told us about how he got acquainted with Sarem and his current situation: We chose and we are happy with this choice.

They are very patient, kind and experienced and they closely monitor my condition. We should not forget the general atmosphere of Sarem Hospital, which is very interesting and energetic. I am currently 39 weeks pregnant and I have nothing left to give birth to my baby.

During this time I think I'm lonely and talk to my baby whenever necessary. Interestingly, his reactions are different in different situations.

When there is happiness, there is one way, and when there is boredom, there is another. The baby is part of the mother's being and nothing else is expected. "In fact, the feeling of motherhood and the new stage of my life, in addition to being a wife, cannot be described as motherhood, and it can only be felt and cannot be described."

We asked about coronary conditions and pregnancy difficulties:

"In any case, there is no one who has escaped from this situation and is not in difficulty. The difficulty was many times over for us, and no matter how worried we were, my baby desperately needed care. Traveling to and from the hospital also had its own stress, which was alleviated for me by the distance learning programs and training provided by Sarem Infertility Hospital. The doctors who were the guests of the program explained everything from zero to one hundred, and that was very valuable. These programs provided useful information that answered all my questions and concerns. The hardships of this period are undeniable, but every moment is full of love and affection. Surely, if I were my baby, I would thank my mother for taking care of me so much. »

Eini also dedicated the end of her speech to the day of delivery:

"Childbirth is like a dream. I think I will wake up that day. I'm very interested to see what happens. Very curious for that day. What does it look like and who does it look like ?! Because of the days we are in, we have chosen the name of Hussein for my son and we are waiting for his happy steps at every moment. I urge all the women of my country who are in a similar situation to me to be very careful and to spend these days with patience, that one day they may even miss the hardships of this day. "Nothing is more valuable to a mother than a child."

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